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General Discussion / Re: 777
« Last post by Nubti on January 18, 2020, 11:35:26 AM »
Nice catch. How would you go about using this in ritual?
General Discussion / 777
« Last post by paragate on January 18, 2020, 01:25:48 AM »
I am starting this thread to post corrections for things in the 777 tables. The relationship of the double letters to the planets was discussed in the other thread.

Greek Gods
The 777 attributions for the Zodiac are based on the images on Tarot trumps. There actually was an ancient correspondence between the Olympians and the Zodiac:

"Pallas (Minerva) watches over the Woolbearer (Aries);
Cytherea (Venus) over Taurus;
Phoebus (Apollo) the shapely Gemini;
You, Cyllenius (Mercury), over Cancer;
and Jupiter, you yourself rule Leo with the Mother of the Gods;
Virgo who bears ears of grain belongs to Ceres;
and the forged scales to Vulcan;
quarrelsome Scorpio clings to Mars;
Diana cherishes the hunting man part horse (Sagittarius);
and Vesta the contracted stars of Capricorn;
opposite Jupiter is Aquarius, the star of Juno;
and Neptune acknowledges his own Pisces in the upper air."

Manilius, Astronomica. Patrice Guinard, Ph.D

This does not necessarily have anything to do with planetary rulership.
General Discussion / Re: Hawk and Jackal system from Ebony Anpu - Frater 137
« Last post by MNA on January 06, 2020, 12:55:27 PM »
Frater I.S.I: I believe there is a connection to Da'ath being the core of the Cube and by extension the core of the Tesseract via its correspondence with Tav, Saturn, The Universe, Death in various systems such as Sefer Yetzirah...

In the Sefer Yetzirah, and the conception of letters as the cube of space, Tav within the double letters is the inner core of the seven directional sides and of the cube as you know. That was implicitly executed in the methodology of the tesseract in H&J, insofar as it is the final letter uttered rendering the tesseract in vision. The fact that it is at the core and that by that methodology, it is the utterance which permit the quantum jump, or rather the destruction and death of Universe A, could possibly demonstrate how theoretically or practically Da'ath can be the portal. That is, of course, true insofar as we can correspond Da'ath to Saturn. I think it can be corresponded if we take into account that Da'ath is the child of Chokmah+Binah making it the black sun, also that Da'ath is the womb of Binah

I also think that considering Da'ath to be a bridge of the Abyss, it can easily fit as a gateway or an actualization of the veil which is passed through a rite of passage. Which if we analyze the crossing as a Katabasis like we see in a multitude of other mythologies (Ishtar's descent, Odysseus's katabasis, Osiris' katabasis, Dionysus' katabasis, Christ's descent and resurrection, Hermes's rescuing of Persephone, Jonah and the belly of the whale etc)  that is, corresponding to a descent in the feminine matrix to be reborn as a conquering knight, then we can make the case that Da'ath is that specific matrix through which the magician undergo that death and rebirth mythological journey.

This is on the right track, imo, and from what I've gleaned from working with the tesseract as a vehicle for K&C/reintegration. I view Samekh as the core of the Tesseract as it is built, but the actual "jump" is the moment in which the separation of Da'at is - at least potentially - transformed into rectified Gnosis as Samekh becomes the new Tau (using this in the sense of both "the universe" and its meaning as an initiatory title). For me, the operation overall is an internal process, though in transforming yourself, you may change a lot more. This is, however, based in approaching  Da'at's "Knowledge" as the realization of Truth through the process of the "reintegration of being into the original estates, virtues, and powers" - in other words, if it's just done as mental exercise, you may get some interesting pictures in your head, but not a lot else.  Da'at as Saturn does work for me, in the sense of it forcing unlimited Time (or Aion) into limited cyclic time (Kronus).

In my experience, the main practical "point" of the Tesseract - as Ebony and the H&J covens I knew used it, at least - was to give the operator a very tangible experience of their unlimited being by breaking the attachment to "the world as one knows it" and the "I" of the present temporal incarnation through inviting change/Chaos in the form of the new universe.  At least in its intended practice, the "joyriding" of new universes was done with the intention that each new experience discloses a universe more in harmony with one's True Will as you surrender to the embrace of Nuit.  It follows with Crowley's exhortations to "die daily", etc.  (And I'm not necessarily advocating that view one way or another - just stating that is how I was introduced to it.)  And thus, the danger - you're fracturing what one considers "reality,and " if you aren't in the shape to juggle what comes with that, it can become a broken mess.

[Bertiaux & boxing aethyrs - I'm afraid y'all are on your own with that, but I am game for a discussion of H&J work.]

General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by pantare on December 30, 2019, 02:41:50 AM »
Yeah, that may be the best solution.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by paragate on December 29, 2019, 11:36:21 PM »
You could do a full Watchtower ceremony after.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by pantare on December 28, 2019, 05:07:30 AM »
How do we maintain balance while working a specific quarter? Like if I'm reading the 5th key for northern work, I feel like I'm tilting excessively into that energy. The only solution I can really think of is reading every other key (of 2-6) after so as not to get stuck in one.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by Nubti on December 24, 2019, 06:21:48 AM »
Sounds like you're making good progress.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by pantare on December 24, 2019, 05:38:45 AM »
Not an overly talkative fella. Made me go to him, too. During the rite it suddenly occurred to me to astral project through the northern watchtower so I jettisoned out of my body and into the watchtower using the sign of the Enterer.

The experience fits themes I've been exploring over the last week like the invisible sun and otherness. Coincidental that it's occurring during the yearly nadir.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by pantare on December 24, 2019, 05:22:17 AM »
It's odd that Aur-I-Al the Light of God appears in northern darkness while the sun is occulted in the underworld. Regardie names the north-east as the "void place of spirit" (Israel Regardie, Opening by Watchtower), so while the corporeal sun is hidden, the invisible light of spirit may be perceived.

He crushed me in his palm and I became him. In crushing my Self the ego-sun was temporarily absent and I absorbed into a vast darkness. Other-wise I am told to Keep Silent. That is, to find him again in (the sign of) Silence.
General Discussion / Re: Ceremonial Magic 201 - Introduction to Enochian
« Last post by pantare on December 24, 2019, 04:48:39 AM »
Contact made.
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