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Author Topic: And, we're back online!  (Read 274 times)

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And, we're back online!
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:19:03 AM »
That took a while.

So the last edition of the forum went to shit. No wonder. I don't have the backup databases and all from it, so all is lost. Aside from what was on, which I'll be putting up there soon.

In the meantime, I tried setting things up with Vanilla Forums, but that didn't work on this webhost, so we're on SMF now.

I need to figure out the themeing, but other than that, it's functional.

Sadly, yes, you need to re-register. Hopefully this time we don't struggle as much with spam and Russians... but we'll see.

Apologies, and (hopefully) welcome back.


PS. Since K took the library down, I am not quite sure what to do about the main access link for it. Does anyone have a backup that we can keep public for the project, or...?
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